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Kyoto Video Production Company |Cinemas Gix, Inc.

Bringing high quality videos to the world. Bringing high quality videos to the world.

Cinemas Gix is a global video production team based in Kyoto, Japan.
Beginning with a thorough consultation to determine your needs,
we produce tailor-made videos of superior quality.


From music videos with short film elements to gripping professional promotion, Cinemas Gix creates videos spanning many genres.
We use the newest technology to give shape to our customers’ voice and vision.

「Kasagi Rock!」


The Sailor Five 48 Hour Film Projects 2018 Osaka, Japan


『IN-EI RAISAN (陰翳礼讃)』トレーラー


Onishi Kyosendo Japan Craft Foldingfan

Promotion Video

Cocoroauction 「Senkohanabi」

Music Video

Oto loop 「36 – Ringo no uta -」

Music Video


We’ve put together a distinctive team with experience in a variety of fields.

Chifumi Nakayama

Videographer, Director

Chifumi first pursued a career in video editing at a TV production company, after which she moved on to found Cinemas Gix. She currently specializes in editing, production, direction, and choreography, and aims always to ensure that her videos are ethically produced.

Kim Dongju


Born in Seoul, Dongju has been involved in the production of a Japanese period feature film.Dongju specializes in planning and production, and she creates a bridge between Korea and Japan through the production of entertaining videos.

Paul Koh

Cinematographer, Director

From the sunny island of Singapore and with a BFA in Digital Filmmaking from NTU ADM, Paul brings a fresh and unique perspective to Cinema’s GIX.Capable in all aspects of video production, Paul specializes in Cinematography and Directing. He creates stories that entertain, influence and touch people.

Misato Hinobayashi

Coordinator, Director

Misato lived for ten years in Germany, during which time she produced film projects and administered film festivals.
She currently heads video planning and production, and applies her talents in particular to the production of alluring videos that will act as a bridge between Japan and the world.

Mark Hinobayashi

CG Designer

Born in Kiel, Germany, Mark has experience as a 3D CGI artist in such diverse projects as movies, TV commercials, and video games.
In 2012 he founded Sunwoods CG Production. Mark heads CG at Cinemas Gix as our partner, producing astonishing visuals with his exceptional CG skill.

Benjamin Parke

Director, Scenario Writer

Benjamin was born in Los Angeles, California. After graduating from UCLA, he went on to study videography at San Francisco State University. When it comes to video production, Benjamin is our all-mighty member. He has an eye for capturing a unique vision of Japan, as seen by the outside world.


Below please find our basic video production package plans. Prices are subject to change depending on the project.
Each plan is intended to give an idea of our production process.
*Prices are before tax.

S Plan


Ideal for those who wish to make simple promotion videos of approximately one minute in length.

Film subject/contents (example)
Days of shootingOne
Principle Characters/ActorsNone
Special Shooting TechniquesNone

M Plan


Ideal for approximately 3 minute product introductions, company presentations for recruitment, and videos involving multiple scenes and components.

Film subject/contents (example)
Days of shootingOne
EditingOne day
Principle Characters/ActorsOne
Special Shooting TechniquesRail use

L Plan


Ideal for videos of approximately 5 minutes in length, including dramatic storylines, subtitles for overseas viewers, and the like. Perfect for customers pursuing a more polished video result.

Film subject/contents (example)
Days of shootingUp to two
EditingUp to three days
Principle Characters/ActorsMultiple
Special Shooting TechniquesComposites


The team at Cinemas Gix includes members who have worked extensively overseas, making global projects one of our strengths.
We produce visuals that cross over borders and extend to the world.

Company NameCinemas Gix, Inc.
EstablishedJune 26, 2012
Capital Stock4,000,000 yen
Managing DirectorMasayoshi Masugi
Address2-32, Kuze Nakakuzecho, Minami-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto-fu 601-8213, Japan
ServicesDrafting and implementation of advertising, sales promotion, event and other video campaigns.
Full service film media production.
Ex: Movies, documentaries, promotional videos, music videos; corporate/institutional video advertising and publicity; performance and event recording, projection mapping, digital signage, location scouting, etc.
CareersCinemas Gix is currently accepting applications for new members to our team. Applicants with video production experience, as well as those who speak English are welcome. Interested parties should please attach their resume, cover letter, and portfolio, if applicable, and send to Chifumi Nakayama at recruit@cinemasgix.com.


Please be advised that replies may take up to three business days.
We welcome inquiries from all over the country, so please feel free to contact us.

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